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Pinley Rugby Football Club – Pinley, Celebrations Illiteracy and Crime Hit All Time High!

Pinley Rugby Football Club - Pinley

Local rehabilitation centre, Pinley RFC was celebrating this week after it secured its place in
history with a record 100
tth case of illiteracy and crime within its club. The previous record of 73, set by Manor Park in the 77-78 season was widely felt to be unassailable. Pinley didn’t shy away from

the challenge however, as club health & safety officer, Ivor Smorlbrane (pictured below) explains.

rekord was very importunt two us and we worked hard at braking it. No one in the club has sent there
kids to scool since the erly 1980s to give us an ej.It was the prowdest day of my life wen mi lad was
nicked for armed robary and cooldnt sine his own name on his arest sheet.’ Celebrations at Pinley

went on long into the evening. Over 700 cases of tripe and 1200 cans of special brew were consumed.This, coupled with the damaging of 43 cars, made it another fine night in the club’s annals. So, will this
record every be broken? We doubt it. Word has it, even the local zoo-keeper has admitted defeat, so
Beamonesque was Pinley’s performance.

Pinley RFC -Pinley Rugby Football Club 

Ivor Smorlbrane with trophy. He has no idea what the engraving says.

Pinley Rugby Football Club – Pinley

A rugby club based in Pinley near Coventry, Pinley Rugby Football Club is a family orientated rugby club with little respect in the within the RFU, they were somewhat dubiously named Rugby Club of the year in Rugby World, probably for making a Pinley Rugby Club effort of doing nothing or even close to little effort in life in general. Pinley RFC is very close to the Coventry area of Pinley and have very little other Rugby Clubs who they actually are liked by. To train & qualify to play for Pinley you must tick all the points below

  • Missed out on schooling for at least 80% of your time
  • Have  a criminal record or at least got arrested for arson, shoplifting or any “impressive crime”
  • Have a connection to Pinley Rugby Club/ Pinley RFC
  • Helped raise funds for the rugby club by stealing/robbery

 Our training involves all the basic Pinley RFC essentials, avoiding getting nicked, how to nick oppositions kit etc. etc.

 To learn more about Pinley RFC contact us and we will be happy to help

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